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Check out what's new at YogaX.  Our team is busily developing programs and resources.  We will post updates to this page for a while before they become a permanent feature elsewhere.  

YogaX Stands with Blacklivesmatter and Antiracisms Protest 


The past weeks have brought into intense and undeniable view the centuries-old violence toward and oppression of the black members of our society.  The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, David McAtee, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others before them have highlighted the brutality of hatred and the violence of blindly condoning it.  The health disparities of the COVID-19 crises have brought into stark view the brutality of racism in our healthcare and public health systems.

For the past weeks, YogaX chose to publicly mute itself on social media. It was our intention to mute ourselves to amplify Black voices, take time to do our own internal work related to our complicity in perpetuating racism and bias, and plan YogaX’s next steps to become a resource against hatred.  We have come to realize that our decision to stay silent for as long as we did was misguided. Our silence equals complicity, and we, as an organization, must become increasingly vocal and active in contributing to exposing and combatting racism, violence, and oppression. We apologize for our lack of outer action and for the harm we have caused during our weeks of silence. 

White supremacy and dominance are deeply embedded in every part of our world and culture, including western yoga practice. All of us at YogaX must begin to speak out actively and take direct action to dismantle such hatred, lest we will remain a part of the systems that perpetuate white supremacy and violence against Black lives.  We must be true to our belief that every moment is a yoga moment – a time to practice yoga’s principles of compassion, lovingkindness, and social action for justice in our thoughts, words, and actions. It is only through taking an active role in society and combatting hatred that we can contribute to the betterment of the world and justice in our communities.  

We would like to share with you our preliminary action plan, which will evolve as more resources become available and the public health landscape shifts: 

  • We dedicate ourselves to unearthing our own biases and complicity in white supremacy and becoming direct and explicit about our commitment to contributing to an anti-racist society.

  • We commit to having uncomfortable conversations with one another and our communities by confronting and speaking out against white supremacy and racism.

  • We commit to using our social media platforms and website to amplify the voices of and provide resources for BIPOC yogis, practitioners and studios.

  • We commit to refining our yoga teacher training curriculum to integrate even more explicitly antiracism ethics and anti-racist teaching practices, expecting our graduates to put these antiracism principles into action as they begin to teach.

  • We commit to providing scholarships and reduced-fee slots for specifically for BIPOC to participate in our YogaX programs. 

  • We commit to including more BIPOC voices on our team.

  • We commit to taking anti-racist trainings from BIPOC teachers and hiring anti-racist consultants to improve our effectiveness as active supporters of the antiracism movement.  


As a largely white team, all of us recognize that this is only the beginning of the work we must do proactively. We stand in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the protests and other actions against anti-Black racism, police brutality, and antiracist work to dismantle white supremacy in the yoga community.   As a trauma-sensitive community of yogis, we appreciate that trauma-sensitivity is inherently linked to acknowledging racism and white supremacy.  The embodied experience of trauma is influenced by our racial identities and lived experiences; we are fully committed to exploring, acknowledging, and honoring these differences.


We take full responsibility for our growth and evolution; we are grateful to those who choose to spend their precious energy helping us learn. We welcome all feedback you have for us and we promise not to shy away from engaging in difficult conversations.  We are grateful for being in community with you and for learning, growing, and healing together.    


The YogaX Team 

Bringing Life-streamed Classes to You on Demand 

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In the spirit of giving to our communities of helpers, YogaX members stand prepared to provide free live-streamed yoga services to caregivers, helpers, service providers, or similar groups at Stanford and partner organizations.  


If you are interested in helping your group thrive with a tailored live-streamed yoga class, feel free to reach out to us.  Depending on what you need, we may be able to offer you a yoga practice that is developed specifically  for your group and your needs.

To access individualized classes for your group, email us at 

News about New Online YogaX Practices


We now offer

  • Mindfulness moments here

  • Guided meditations here 

  • Breathing practices here

  • Movement practices here 

  • Ideas for pose modifications/adaptations here

  • COVID-19-related resources here

Keep checking our Resources and Practices Pages as we are adding new content daily to help support you and your family as we are collectively practicing resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wishing you health. 

News about Upcoming Free Resources for Home Practices


Dear YogaX Community –

Allow me to invite you to take a moment with all of us at YogaX to settle into the meaning of what is happening in the world today.  More than ever, we are reminded that we are one worldwide community, one people – equally vulnerable to illness and hardship; equally exposed to challenge and obstacles.  All of us experience vulnerability in this moment – through personal illness, the suffering of loved ones, the pain of those whom we may not know and yet are connected to through shared humanity.  We must also recognize that not all of us have equal access to resources to cope with the challenges of this moment.  YogaX is encouraging everyone to reflect on how we each can make a difference.  Perhaps we can shop for an elderly neighbor or call someone we know is suffering; perhaps we can reach out to a stranger with support, food, or emergency supplies.  Each one of us has something to share – even simply kindness, compassion, and humanity. 

Soon, YogaX will begin offering online resources to support a home yoga practice that connects you to community – to sangha.  Already, you can access our mindfulness moment meditations at  Gentle, short practices focus on helping you settle into the moment, reflect on your inner resources, engage with your feelings and responses, and calm your nervous system.  We hope these brief meditations help all of us through the most challenging moments and remind us that it is these moments that motivate – and define – our practice.  It is the capacity of yoga to create connection, compassion, and lovingkindness that keeps us coming to the mat. 

Please meet us virtually on the mat as we encourage you to maintain an active yoga practice, reach out to your yoga friends, and bring your yoga into the world.  We are one worldwide community.  Let us never forget that each moment is our opportunity for show up for one another.

With profound appreciation and great warmth –


News about COVID-19 Related Schedule Changes

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We have removed workshop dates from our website.  Please keep checking back as we create online workshop options and start rescheduling events.


We have delayed the start date for our 200-Hour Weekend YTT until June 2020, at the earliest.

We are rescheduling our 200-Hour YTT Retreat #2 - stay tuned for new dates.W

Wishing you health. 

YogaX in the News 

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We are excited to let you know that YogaX is getting attention in the media.  In recent weeks, we have been interviewed for magazine articles and podcasts:

To learn more about YogaX, you can read about us in Om Yoga Magazine.  YogaX is featured in Om Magazine's celebratory 100th issue of September 2019.  The article entitled Where Science Meets Soul features YogaX and invites your comments at

​You can also listen to a Podcast by Stephanie Cunningham of "Changing the Face of Yoga", interviewing Dr. Chris Brems, Director of YogaX.  


YogaX was interviewed by the Northern Lights Student Newspaper at the University of Alaska Anchorage about how to meet the COVID-19 crisis with yoga as a tool to build resilience and coping capacity.  

You can always find more news about us on our Instagram feed. 

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