YogaX is committed to the integration of science and soul in service of individual and communal health. Our work is grounded in modern neuroscience and psychology research, as well as in the ancient philosophy and psychology of yoga.  Yoga as a lifestyle practice has many empirically validated health and mental health benefits and is sought after by a growing number of individuals as a form of integrative healthcare, psychological or emotional support, or physical practice.   We are dedicated to inviting as many people as possible into the practice – especially those who have not typically been drawn to it because of perceived and real barriers to access.  Our own research has revealed media bias that suggests that yoga is only for certain segments of our population.  We strongly disagree with this bias and are dedicated to bringing yoga to all.  Our own work has invited individuals with mental health and physical challenges; individuals in correctional settings and inpatient mental health settings; first responders and care providers at risk for secondary trauma; and many more.  We teach accessible, holistic yoga that models inclusiveness and honors diversity and individuality. Our focus on accessibility is also reflected through our memberships in the Yoga Service Council and Accessible Yoga Community, as well as our commitment to best practices through registration as a yoga school with Yoga Alliance.  


Our commitment to bringing yoga to all is reflected in our YogaX Values.  YogaX approaches yoga training and services as the science and practice of transformation. All YogaX work is developed to inspire personal and societal evaluation, growth, and betterment.  All YogaX offerings are grounded in and defined by several underlying values to which we are deeply committed.

Integration and Holism

YogaX is committed to understanding, honoring, and working toward the integration of the psychological, biological, social, and cultural backdrops and contexts of all individuals serving in or being served through the program in all types of healthcare systems.


YogaX is committed to skillful action toward a greater good, rooted in our belief that we and the systems in which we work must act on behalf of others and in service of a greater purpose.


YogaX is committed to facilitating personal and communal growth for the purpose of transcending non-optimal ways of personal and institutional responding, behaving, relating, and creating.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

YogaX is committed to be inviting for everyone through skillful action, ongoing work on self-awareness, cultural consultation, cultural humility, and the embracing of diversity.


YogaX is committed to creating connection at the intrapsychic, individual, relational, and community level, acknowledging and honoring human and systemic interdependence and interbeing.


YogaX is committed to remain inspired to inspire through honoring a wisdom tradition rooted in ancient yoga psychology and modern neuroscience, as well as through lifelong learning.

In the process of living our values, making yoga accessible to all and integrating yoga into healthcare settings, our work also inspires and brings pure joy, as we hope the following images will convey.  We look forward to sharing our experience of the joyful side of yoga with all - whether in the context of teacher training, yoga workshops for continuing education, or yoga services to inspire health, wellness, and resilience.  

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