Christiane “Chris” Brems


Clinical Professor, YogaX Director

Dr. Brems integrates yoga, mindfulness, integrative interventions, and self-care in her work as a psychologist, teacher, researcher, mentor, supervisor, consultant, author, administrator, and service provider. As an integrative yoga teacher and therapist, she incorporates all eight limbs of yoga in her practice, teachings, and therapeutics. She grounds her work in yoga psychology based on ancient and modern texts, as well as in current research, especially in psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology. She honors trauma-sensitive teaching practices and cultural sensitivity, inclusivity, and humility. She encourages individual tailoring of yoga to contexts and needs of each practitioner, offering variations and adaptations that make yoga accessible to all.


Dr. Brems came to the practice of yoga over 40 years ago as an adolescent searching for meaning.  She remained linked to yoga for many years, though not always wholeheartedly. Her practice was re-inspired and became truly transformational after she was diagnosed with cancer more than 20 years ago and decided to incorporate an integrative healing path.  Since then, yoga has been an essential and life-affirming path that she has enthusiastically and openheartedly shared with others.

As Director of the YogaX Team, Dr. Brems is delighted and honored to share the team’s collective yoga journey and wisdom with all members of the YogaX community.  Yoga is a great gift of inspiration, humble evolution, intentional living, purposeful social action, and skilled service. The opportunity to share and receive this gift widely through mutual practice and training is a dream come true.   

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Heather Freeman

PsyD, E-RYT200/RYT500

YogaX Manager

Dr. Freeman has extensive yoga and clinical experience in college counseling, primary care, and community mental health. She has led yoga classes, workshops, and trainings in studios, community centers, community mental health settings, on college campuses, in a psychiatric hospital, and a prison.

She synthesizes the ancient wisdom of the teachings of yoga with modern psychology and neuroscience to make the teachings accessible. Her therapy and teaching styles aim to help individuals cultivate curiosity and radically accept what it is to be constantly changing, growing, and evolving human beings.

Dr. Freeman came to yoga in her adolescent years for its immense healing power in body, mind, and soul. Yoga allowed her to transform challenge into opportunity and fear into inner strength and kindness.  Her daily practice now anchors her in feeling whole, inspired, and connected.

As Manager of the YogaX Team, Dr. Freeman is excited to share yoga with others. She has repeatedly witnessed the enthusiasm and growth that can be inspired by ancient yogic texts in combination with modern neuroscience.  She hopes to kindle this enthusiasm in others through her work with YogaX, where she seeks to integrate yoga with psychology to support human growth through holistic means.


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Lauren Justice

PhD, E-RYT500

YogaX Active Founding Member

Dr. Justice is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Hood River, Oregon, where she offers individual and couples counseling along with therapeutic yoga classes. It is her continuous joy to share with others the many ways through which yoga can foster community and a sense of contentment within ourselves. Dr. Justice has worked in a range of integrative and primary care clinics as a behavioral health specialist, counselor, clinical supervisor, and yoga instructor.  Her passion is the integration of yoga and mindfulness to facilitate growth and inspire transformation.

Dr. Justice was introduced to the practice of yoga as an adolescent at a time when she was searching for growth and healing. After years of personal practice, Dr. Justice’s relationship with yoga deepened when she became an instructor in an inpatient facility for adolescents. This experience ignited a passion in her to learn more about yoga as a practice promoting self-healing and growth for individuals working to overcome both internal and external obstacles in their lives. Since that time, yoga and holistic health have been two guiding forces in Dr. Justice’s life.


Dr. Justice is grateful for the opportunity to be an integral part of the YogaX Team. She looks forward to sharing her practice, passion, and wisdom.

Kari Sulenes

PsyD, RYT200

YogaX Active Founding Member

With a degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Sulenes works with leaders from around the world, applying the principles of ancient yoga philosophy and modern psychological science.  Her yoga work is premised on the belief that yoga supports healthy minds, bodies, and relationships. Dr. Sulenes is committed to an integrative yoga practice that supports growth and transformation.  She seeks to serve and inspire at the individual, communal, and corporate level.

Dr. Sulenes was first introduced to yoga practices by way of meditation and mindful movement. She quickly became fascinated by the ways in which mindful movement, along with intentional attention and awareness practices, created neurological changes with significant impact on people’s lives.  This integrative force of yoga has inspired many positive changes in her own life.

Having witnessed yoga-inspired transformation in her own and others’ lives, Dr. Sulenes is excited to be an important part of the YogaX Team.  She believes the gifts of yoga are much greater than simply physical exercise and relaxation. She is committed to contributing to YogaX in a way that helps bring the full offerings of yoga into the world – on and off the mat.

Additional Founding Members of the Team

The YogaX Team started as a collective of yogis at Pacific University Oregon in 2012.  The original group included as many as 15 individuals dedicated to bringing yoga into healthcare.  A core of 10 individuals began the visioning that ultimately led to the formation of the formal YogaX Team under the auspices of Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Sciences.  

The Team is greatly indebted to Dr. Laura Roberts who made the foundation of YogaX a reality. 

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