Online Resources

Yoga Service Council:
supporting the effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of yoga teachers
Setu: An Inclusive Yoga Community:
inclusive yoga and meditation videos by and for diverse yoga students
Yoga International:
all-level classes and practices that are problem-specific
Yoga Alliance:
information about yoga, workshops and trainings, certification 
Accessible Yoga:
grassroots initiative to bring yoga to underserved and underrepresented communities 
Yoga Diversity Initiative:
creating access to the practice of yoga for people of color
Decolonizing Yoga:
working against racism and cultural appropriation; supporting body acceptance and feminism
Dianne Bondy Yoga:
democratizing the practice of yoga; yoga for every body
Yoga Is Dead Podcast:
exploring power, privilege, race, cultural appropriation, and capitalism in yoga and wellness
Yoga for Kids:

everything you need to teach safely and successfully

VA Portland Gentle Yoga for Veterans:
yoga classes with Dr. Nina Hidalgo (YogaX member) and Katrina Rodenkirch, PT
Exalted Warrior Foundation:
yoga nidra and iRest videos to practice at home
Veterans Yoga Project:
Yoga and meditation resources for veterans; mindfulness and resilience training
Give Back Yoga:
yoga and meditation resources for veterans 
Warriors at Ease:
yoga, mindfulness, and breathing practices for veterans
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