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YogaX is fully committed to yoga as a lifestyle.  The ethical limbs of yoga guide our behaviors and teach us how to be responsible on and off of the mat while infusing foundational practices into the later limbs that teach us to inquire about our physical experience as well as our internal experience through movement, breath, mindfulness, and meditation.  Yoga is – perhaps foremost – about living with integrity, commitment, passion, and lovingkindness.  Yoga reminds us to consider the ethics and impacts of all of our actions, thoughts, and attitudes.  Yoga challenges us to be disciplined and joyful; equanimous and engaged; mindfully centered in each moment and clear about the impact of our actions in the future; pure in our hearts and fully immersed in our lives; introspective and altruistic ….  Yoga invites us to strive for peacefulness, kindness, and compassion; truthfulness, honesty with ourselves and others; abundance and gratitude for what we have been given; moderation and discernment about how we spend our lives’ energy; and generosity, joy about the good that comes to others, and the capacity to give without wanting. 


The YogaX Resources and YogaX Practices pages that we offer you, reflect engagement with life, commitment to sharing the joy of moment-to-moment practice, the gifts of generosity of spirit, and the promise to make the world a better place.  Our resources encourage everyone to become mindful (engage in our Mindfulness Moments practices), challenge everyone to help make yoga more accessible and less biased (check out our research on access barriers to yoga and bias in how yoga is presented in western media), and invite everyone to think outside the box and open hearts to new ways of looking at life, love, and practice (enjoy our Team picks and other resources).


Our resource and practice pages are still only a seed of what we want them to blossom into; they are still growing.  Check back often to find out what is new.  Feel free to send us your own suggestions about what we could add.  If you saw a great TED talk or read a great book, let us know and perhaps it can find a spot on our resource page.  In time, we hope to offer you more meditations, more resources that inspire ethical and committed lifestyles, and more free stuff.  Thank you for being part of the YogaX community. 



Take a few minutes to reset, learn to adapt poses, be  present for your life.

YogaX Team


Check out these amazing TED talks that the YogaXTeam has preselected for you. 

YogaX Research Program

Learn about issue of access to yoga, bias about yoga, and efficacy of yoga 

General Yoga Resources

Explore the books and online resources that YogaXTeam members love.

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