YogaX is fully committed to bringing yoga to everyone.  We have two sets of Resource pages - YogaX Practices and YogaX Resources.  Both page sets are still growing and emerging.  

By accessing the offered resources and practices, you acknowledge that you participate at your own risk, have read our important safety information, and consent to the Stanford Assumptions of Risk, Release of Claims and Hold Harmless Agreement


In the YogaX Resources pages we bring you research - our own and others - about yoga's helpfulness and about how yoga may be misrepresented in the media.  We also bring you recommendations for readings, videos, and more. 


In the YogaX Practices pages (where you are right now), we bring you brief practice ideas and practice moments in the desire to stimulate your creativity and interest related to yoga. As you tell us what is most helpful to you, we will add practice ideas and will continue to shape what we bring to you.

  • We offer you brief mindfulness moments that are designed to bring you into the present moment with short (fewer than 10 minute) guided practices that can be done anywhere. 

  • We offer you guided meditations, ranging in length from approximately 10 to 30 minutes, designed for a longer commitment to seeking stillness and presence. 

  • We offer you brief guided instructions on various breathing practices, most shorter than 15 minutes. 

  • We offer you full-length movement practices online (as well as almost daily live-streamed classes) that are gentle and can be done in your home.

  • From the movement practices page, we also offer you modification ideas for posture practices in our various pages about types of postures, ranging from upright standing postures, to forward folds, twists, resting postures, and more.

More practices are available for free on our YouTube Channel.

With gratitude,

Your YogaX Team

Mindfulness Moments

If you only have a few minutes, choose a mindfulness moment practice to ground and settle.

Guided Meditations

If you are looking for support in building a meditation practice, let us guide you first.

Breathing Practices

If you are seeking guidance about yogic breathing, visit our breath page.

Movement Practices

If you are looking for brief online practices and guidance, explore our movement page.

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