Reasons for Seeking Mentorship in Yoga


It is our philosophy at YogaX that obtaining a 200-hour yoga teacher certification is simply the start of a becoming a skillful yoga teacher. The benefits of receiving mentorship in a variety of healthcare professions has been amply documented (Burgess, van Diggele, & Mellis, 2018; Lavoie-Tremblay et al., 2020).  YogaX is now offering a professional mentorship opportunity for YogaX alum yoga teachers who plan to take their yoga teaching into healthcare and allied healthcare settings.  With a burgeoning literature documenting its physical and mental health benefits, therapeutic yoga is rapidly being integrated into healthcare settings, where it is seen as a viable integrative treatment (Taylor & McCall, 2017).  We encourage this transition for extant yoga teachers and seek to contribute to their skillful and self-reflective journey into new teaching ground. 

Objectives of the Mentorship Program

Our specialized YogaX 1:1 YogaX Alum Mentorship Program helps currently certified yoga teachers develop advanced teaching skills that prepare them to teach in healthcare with a variety of demographic and special populations.  Through this 3-month program, participants gain experience and consultation in teaching holistic and integrative yoga skillfully and effectively.  This is accomplished by providing trainees with guidance on a variety of topics, including:


  • understanding the complexities and responsibilities of teaching an 8-limbed practice that is holistic and integrative

  • planning sequences, classes, session, and other interactions with students in an integrative and holistic manner

  • incorporating psychological themes and intentions throughout each yoga session or practice

  • developing and applying compassionate and supportive teaching techniques that fit your personal style and skill levels

  • understanding and considering the needs of your targeted healthcare population

  • understanding, developing, and applying variations and individual tailoring across all practice limbs (limbs 3 to 7)

  • discovering your unique teaching goals, voice, and presence

  • and more depending on your own mentorship goals


All teaching skills and explorations are applied to providing yoga education in healthcare settings and for special populations.  Students receive 1:1 feedback and tailored didactics from an experienced YogaX yoga teacher to support their evolution as skillful integrated, holistic yoga teachers.  This mentorship program provides 30 hours of continuing education units with Yoga Alliance.


Pragmatics of the Mentorship Program


  • This program is open to YogaX YTT Alum yoga teachers who have completed our YogaX YA-registered 200-hour teacher training. Yoga-Alliance registration is a plus.

  • The program is flexible with rolling admission and a personalized schedule for each individual

  • The program can be online or in-person (COVID permitting)

  • Cost is $500.  



Application Process for the Mentorship Program


YogaX YTT Alums interested in enrolling in the YogaX Mentorship Program needs to complete the application form. Once you fill out the application, email yogaxteam@ to let us know you have completed the application. Notification of acceptance into the mentorship program will be given within one week of receiving your application. 

Click here for the link to the application questionnaire.    


Features of the Certificate Program


  • Private Mentorship Sessions

    • 1-hour meeting per month (3 meetings total) with a mentor to assess the mentee’s strengths, progress, and areas of continued work or challenge.

  • Yoga Class Observation/Assisting

    • Attend at least one YogaX class per week as an observer/assistant to observe the class from the lens of a teacher.  Write a critical analysis of the experience, including insights about how this learning will be applied in their own teaching practice

  • Yoga Practice

    • Attend at least one class per week as a student to feel and observe classes.  Write a critical analysis of the experience, including insights about how this learning will be applied in their own teaching practice

  • Practice Teaching

    • Teach one YogaX class per week with live attendance and feedback from YogaX mentor (½ hour debrief after the class).

  • Personal Study

    • Complete assigned reading and reflections that are personalized and based upon mentees goals and areas of study

    • Attend YogaX or mentor-approved video lectures (10 hours total)



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Taylor, M.J., & McCall, T. (2017). Implementation of yoga therapy into U.S. healthcare systems. International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 27, 115-119.

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