forward folding Postures

Standing forward folds

At the wall

With blocks

Seated on chair

Using blocks...

With a chair

Downward Dog
Wedge under heels
With chair and buddy
With support at sacrum
With blocks
Warrior II Poses
With chair
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Wide-legged fold

Using a chair + more

Using a ball

With strap + buddies

Using wall + blocks

Using blocks + ball

Seated wide-legged fold
With supports
With blocks + wall
with everything
Warrior II Poses
With a buddy
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Seated forward fold

With arm extenders

With lots of support

Chair variation

With strap + wedge

With strap + buddy

Head to Knee Poses
With ball, strap, wedge, ++
With arm extender
With theraband + block
With community
Warrior II Poses
Other ideas?
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