YOGAX continuing education

YogaX has a strong commitment to providing ongoing continuing education to yoga teachers and healthcare professionals.  Our focus is on providing education about holistic yoga with special focus on integrating yoga into healthcare settings, including medical care, allied healthcare, and mental healthcare.  Holistic yoga in the YogaX tradition is grounded in a biopsychosociocultural model of understanding human development, experience, relationships, and evolution or growth.  It is focused on prevention of disease, cultivation of resilience, and fostering of well-being and balance in mind, body, and spirit. 


Yoga-related, holistic continuing education offered through YogaX is science-based and informed by the most recent research literature, with emphasis on neuroscience, interpersonal biology, positive psychology, and social science.  Additionally, YogaX continuing education is deeply grounded in ancient yoga wisdom and yoga practices. 


YogaX CE offerings always include the following content components, many of which are also featured in our blog:

  • The eight limbs of yoga made relevant to workshop content

    • Life Choices for Ethical Living

    • Life Choices for Purposeful Living

    • Physical Form and Movement Practices

    • Breathing Practices

    • Drawing Inward

    • Concentration

    • Meditation

    • Absorption

  • The five layers of self, integrated into workshop content

    • Body

    • Breath, energy, emotion

    • Mind, sensation, perception

    • Wisdom, intuition, community

    • Joy, union

  • Other pertinent yoga philosophy, psychology, and ancient wisdom

  • Research evidence for contents and practices taught

  • Suggested readings for deeper study

  • Handouts


YogaX full-day CE offerings always include the following experiential practices:

  • Opening meditations that set the frame for each CE experience

  • A morning yoga practice that integrates the eight limbs of yoga and the five layers of self

  • A pre-lunch breathing or meditation practice

  • A post-lunch grounding

  • An afternoon gentle or restorative holistic yoga practice

  • A closing meditation


All instruction takes place on the floor, with appropriate accommodations offered as needed or requested.  Participants are best served by dressing in layers for light to moderate activity.  Yoga props (mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.) are provided.  Participants are encouraged to bring a towel and water bottles.   Only light meals are recommended prior to physical yoga practices.  


All YogaX CE participants are asked to:

  • sign standard liability waivers at the start of class and

  • provide evaluative feedback at the end of each workshop. 


For YogaX participants who want to have more exposure to YogaX teachings, we offer Certificate Programs that combine offerings in categories to give students the opportunity to develop a content emphasis. 

For those interested in becoming a yoga teacher, we are a Yoga Alliance-registered school and offer yoga teacher training.  

We strive to keep our workshops and teacher training affordable and accessible.  To register, click on the registration links next to each training event on the relevant YogaX webpages.  For general payment procedures and refund information, click here.  For scholarship opportunities, check our news page regularly, where we will announce these opportunities as they arise.  

By accessing the offered resources, you acknowledge that you participate at your own risk, have read our important safety information, and consent to the Stanford Assumptions of Risk, Release of Claims and Hold Harmless Agreement

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