COVID-19-Related Resources

The YogaX Team wishes you safety and equanimity while all of us are coping with COVID-19 and its ripple effects.  We have moved many events online and you can find links and information in our class, workshop, and teacher training pages.

We have been placing many resources on our practice pages that will hopefully lend support as you make your way through this shared challenge.  We have also greatly expanded our YouTube Channel.  

Below you will find useful resources from YogaX and other wonderful organizations that are offering support and guidance at this time.  

Staying Informed 

Gather up-to-date information about the outbreak.  Being appropriately informed by reputable sources prevents panic and rumors.  Being informed increases resilience and wellness and supports personal and public health. 

  • The World Health Organization is providing public health information and facts that apply widely.  Click here

  • The Centers for Disease Control are another trustworthy source of information and guidance.  Click here. 

Supporting Your Family and Children

If you are a caregiver, you likely are facing the ​challenge of how to support your children with anything from fear, to worry, to boredom.  Gathering information about how to care for your family physically, emotionally, and psychologically is helpful  Great resources exist in this regard. 

  • Psychology Today offers five helpful copping strategies for parents (Click here). 

  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has put together a longer list of recommendations (Click here).

Staying Mentally and Emotionally Resilient 

Learn what you can do to manage the difficult challenge of social distancing and social isolation.  Coping resources can be very helpful at this time of potential loneliness, frustration, fear, grief, and loss.  

  • The Center for Disease Control offers suggestions and many links to additional resources.  To start accessing these click here.

  • The American Psychological Association offer useful advice for maintaining emotional resilience, Click here. 

  • Yale University offers a free online course on the science of happiness.  This course is designed to teach wellness strategies that will support happiness and wellbeing during times of challenge.  Click here

  • A New York Times article addressed how to deal with the grief and loss resulting from the current challenges.  Click here.

Practicing Mindfulness and Being in Moment

Mindfulness is a practice and trait that helps us deal with what is happening in the present moment.  It draws our attention to our body, our breath, our emotions, and our thoughts to help us recognize what we are going through.  Once aware of our reactions, we can become planful and calm in our responses.  

  • YogaX has developed a serious of Mindfulness Moments that can help you center and ground.  Click here. 

  • Headspace is an organization with many mindfulness resources, some of which are free right now for healthcare providers.  Click here

  • The Tich Nhat Hanh Foundation offers many incredible resources and events.  Click here.

  • Several mindfulness resources are also offered by Fingerprint for Success.  This is a lovely collection of free short practices for coping with COVID stress.  Click here

Staying Engaged with a Yoga Practice

Most yoga studios around the country have closed their physical door, but most are maintaining a virtual presence.  If your current yoga studio offers online classes, we encourage you to keep practicing with your familiar and beloved teachers.  If you need free yoga practices, you have many options at the moment as many yoga teachers are trying to help their community cope with this stressful moment in time.  

We cannot possibly list all free yoga resources here, but here are a few options, including YogaX's movement and meditation practices.

  • YogaX has posted free guided meditations. Click here

  • YogaX is offering free full-length live-streamed classes and recorded movement practices.  Click here.

  • Yoga to the People is one reliable free to low-cost resource that may be an option for you.  Click here. 

  • Yoga Journal is offering several free events and classes in this time of crisis.  Click here

  • Another great resource for taking classes online is YogaToday, with carefully vetted teachers.  While they charge (a low fee), they currently offer a free 14-day trial. Click here.

  • Many yoga instructors across many communities are offering free or affordable online and live-streamed yoga classes and meditations.  For a listing of some we cherish look at our Other Yoga Resources page - just Click here

Engaging in Random Acts of Kindness - Safely

A great way to cope and find resilience is to become compassionate with others.  In times of challenge, it can be important to recognize that no matter how stressed you are, others are in need of support, kindness, and compassion.  To the degree that you are able, engage in caremongering or random acts of kindness and compassion.

Here are some small ideas to get you started:

  • Shop for a neighbor ...

  • Smile at a stranger ...

  • Be kind to someone who looks or sounds stressed ...

  • Stay loving with your family and friends...

  • Call a friend...

  • Set up a virtual play date for your child ...

  • Give someone a free resource (an online class, a great downloadable book)...

  • Hug someone in your home or do them an unexpected favor...

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