Reasons for Obtaining a Certificate in Yoga for Mental Healthcare


Given yoga’s research evidence as a successful integrative treatment for many emotional and mental health conditions and for enhancing wellbeing and resilience, it is not surprising that many integrative, allied, mental, and general healthcare settings have begun to recruit yoga teachers and clinicians to support their mental health teams and interventions.  Success of this recruitment depends on availability of individuals trained to apply yoga in mental healthcare or integrated healthcare settings. To date, recruitment remains challenging as conventionally-trained yoga teachers do not understand the complexities about how yoga affects emotional wellbeing and mental health. 


The YogaX Mental Healthcare Certificate Program is designed to improve the hiring pool for mental health settings of professionals who are prepared to bring yoga strategies into mental health treatment.  Two types of preparations are possible:

  1. For yoga teachers who would like to bring yoga into mental health care settings to add supportive service to mental health treatment  

  2. For mental healthcare providers who would like to learn basic yoga techniques they can successfully integrate into their extant mental health scope of practice. 



Prerequisites for Entering the Certificate Program


The certificate program is available only to individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Registered yoga teacher in good standing with Yoga Alliance

  2. Licensed and/or currently practicing healthcare professional (including allied health, medicine, psychology, social work, counseling, and marriage and family therapy)

  3. Healthcare professional student currently in good standing in a formal academic healthcare program (disciplines as defined in Item 2 above). 

  4. An individual who is currently enrolled in a YogaX teacher training program with completion of the 200-hour training as a requisite for the certificate. 

  5. An individual who can provide evidence of equivalent credentials to Item 1 above (to be reviewed and approved by a YogaX staff member). 


Applicants complete a simple application form to apply and submit it to



Cost of the Certificate Program


Two payment options are offered for the certificate program. 


  1. Students may simply pay the regular fee for each workshop they attend.  They will also be charged a $100 processing fee for certification-specific activities with YogaX staff (such as debriefing sessions and assignment grading) at the time of completion of all requirements. 

  2. Students pay a flat fee of $850 for access to 36 hours of YogaX workshops (in essence receiving one 6-hour workshop for free), with the processing fee included in the flat rate. 


Requirements of the Certificate Program


The certificate program is administered by YogaX and housed in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Stanford’s Medical School.  The certificate is granted by the Department in conjunction with YogaX, a Yoga-Alliance registered Yoga School (RYS200).  The certificate program accepts up to 20 students per year; requires 30 face-to-face credits of continuing education provided by YogaX teachers with YACEP credentials (Yoga Alliance approved continuing education providers), a YogaX-supervised fieldwork component, and a specified sequence of home study assignments.  The certificate requirements ideally are completed within 18 calendar months. Longer timeframes may be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

For the full description of the certificate program, click here. 

For the application form, click here.  PLEASE NOTE: While you may apply, we are currently fully booked and cannot accept new students in the mental health certificate for this spring.  We will happily receive  and review your application and, if accepted, place you on a wait list.  

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