The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences supports two scholarship programs designed to increase access to YogaX Teacher Training: 

  • A diversity scholarship program aims to increase representation of diverse yoga teachers.  This scholarship provides financial support to two teachers per YTT who represent or have experience engaging communities of color and other diverse groups who would benefit from the practice but tend to face access barriers.  

  • A Stanford Psychiatry or Psychology Trainee (Resident, Postdoc, Doctoral Candidate or Intern) scholarship program aims to increase the integration of yoga teachers into healthcare systems.  This scholarship provides financial support for trainees who plan to make yoga more accessible by integrating it into their healthcare practice.  

The scholarships will provide a portion of tuition (and/or housing support for retreat-based trainings) based on expressed need by the applicant. Application deadlines will be announced prior to each YTT.  The application process for both scholarships is the same.  To apply, applicants are asked to respond briefly to the following three questions by the posted deadline:

  1. Please describe the under-resourced group (e.g., BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, individuals with disabilities, and so on) or healthcare profession you represent.  Demonstrate your understanding of how this group is under-resourced with regard to access to yoga and the primary access barriers (e.g., media images being uninviting for this group; lack of physical access to yoga classes or events; cost of yoga; lack of integration of yoga into the healthcare system; feeling unwelcome or underrepresented in classes).

  2. Please describe one event you will host or one activity you plan to engage in after you have completed your YogaX YTT200 training.  Tell us how this action or event will bring yoga to underrepresented groups or individuals accessing healthcare.  Describe how your event or social activism will decrease access barriers to yoga practice

  3. Please make a specific request for your required portion of funding.  NOTE:  Full funding requests cannot be granted.


For application deadlines,

please review the page for the specific YTT you hope to attend.  

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